Your Donations Help Build This Memorial

We who live in California are constantly aware of the danger of wildland fire. We have seen the devastation this type of conflagration can cause, both in the loss of life and property.

Many of those who have lost their lives to a wildland fire are firefighters. However, they are more than just firefighters. They are men and women who live in your communities, who own homes, whose children attend the local schools, and who often become mere statistics when they lose their lives fighting wildland fires.

To honor these individuals, a partnership of several public agencies representing the wildland firefighting community, the firefighters themselves, and private sector supporters created the California Wildland Firefighter Memorial project.

The California Wildland Firefighter Memorial will be a unique monument honoring all California wildland firefighters, dozer operators, fire crews, overhead personnel and pilots lost in the line of duty. The official ground breaking ceremony was held October 10, 1996. The second phase was the dedication of State Highway 74 as the California Wildland Firefighters Memorial Highway from Grand Avenue in Lake Elsinore to San Juan Capistrano in the spring of 1997. The Memorial was completed in 2011.

The project estimated to cost $150,000 was paid through donations, contributions, and service partnerships. To maintain and update this dream we need your help.

Your participation in this project will recognize those individuals who fought to protect our lives and property, and made the ultimate sacrifice of losing their lives.

The California Wildland Firefighter Memorial partnership is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. For further information, please call President Jarrel Glover at 909-881-6984.

Please Send Your Donations and Other Contributions:


California Wildland Firefighter Memorial (CWFM)

P.O. Box 21092

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